Hey, I am Becky – virtual assistant and owner of Prestige VA Services!

What can I say about me?


Well, I am a full of life person and love meeting new people from all walks of life. I live in Kent and have the most beautiful parts of Kent right on my doorstep which is ideal as I love a scenic walk finished off with a nice G&T some evenings.


Writing about yourself can sometimes be tough, so I asked my nearest and dearest to describe me in 5 words when it came to my work ethic. Thoughtful, driven, motivated, inspirational and successful were the most common responses.


Why did I decide to start up Prestige VA Services?


Well, I have 2 wonderful children who unfortunately are growing up way too fast, they were both at school before I knew it.


Time is precious and sometimes we underestimate how valuable time really is, in both your professional and personal life. With this becoming more apparent to me in recent years, I wanted to make a difference. Launching Prestige VA services allowed myself and the clients that we work with the chance to get that perfect work/life balance back.


Having the extra time for business/golden moments does truly outweigh the cost of our services.

Rest assured you are in good hands, so how can I help you?


Having worked in customer service roles for over 15 years, including many years as a Bank manager and a personal assistant to a local director of a financial institution, I have a deep understanding of building long lasting customer relationships with clients and leading a successful team.


Working in the financial industry has given me a wealth of experience in risk management, personal/team development/progression and the day-to-day tasks that keep a business running successfully. Amongst this I was also highly successful in product sales. Being a business banking representative also gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet some inspiring business owners and enjoyed building an understanding of what it takes to get a business set up to win.


My strengths lie in broadcasting a social media presence with a relatable and engaging content and confidently communicating with clients from an array of backgrounds. I have worked in IT and telecommunications so working from afar or from home is second nature to me, I am completely used to building just as successful relationships with businesses and clients from a distance. I absolutely love a challenge and live for trying new things.


So…. let us get you started in having a better work/life balance and contact me today for a chat.